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Exchange Program Abroad For International Students

If you are an expat in living in Thailand or neighboring country regardless of your nationality and country of residence we are able to assist you with the many types of exchange programs.

High school: We are sending students to nearly 19 countries for high school exchange programs for 1 year to 2 years.
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YES arranger educational and cultural exchange programs around the world and offer host families and host school in 17 countries. The gold of cultural exchange program is to provide student, host family, school, and communities with a quality experience that will not only enhance personal growth, but also will establish lasting friendships.

“High School Exchange program will allow you to explore, travel, and immerse deeper understanding with yourself in a new culture and country. A year with incredible life changing memories and you will meet people with new culture that soon will be your friend for life.”

International from any country age 15 to 18.5 that travel to 17 countries to attend school for a semester or an academic year while live with local host family and take part in cultural exchange activities throughout the program. Students must complete an application in English, submit transcript indication above average grade, and write an essay. YES students are required to attend orientation in Thailand prior to their departure to the host community.
Host family are carefully selected to participate in programs and encouraged to review several student’s application before selecting the student who would most appropriately match their family’s lifestyle and interest.

How to apply

  • Step 1 > Fill the form below
  • Step 2 > Add “YESThailand” @wechat and send your 3-year grade history (Transcript containing the grades of previous 3 years).
  • Step 3 > Get scheduled to be interviewed
  • Step 4 > Take an online test.
  • Step 5 > Wait for result! (Acceptance in the program depends on various factors; result of interview and test and academic grade history)

Program Fee 10,500 USD
Duration 1 Year (8-10 Months)
Start program August – September



  1. International students of studying grade 9-12
  2. Student who have not graduated from high school in their country.
  3. 15 – 18.5 years of age on the day of departure.
  4. Minimum Grade Point Average “C”
  5. Perfectly healthy (in case of any minor illnesses please present the medical certificate).
  6. Students are required to abide the rules and code of conduct of YES.
  7. Student must possess intermediate skills of English language (Speaking, writing, listening)

The program fee includes

  • YES T-shirt and international handbook
  • Host family placement (breakfast and dinner with host family)
  • Comprehensive travel and health insurance
  • Host local school placement
  • Arrival orientation
  • Application, screening
  • Ongoing support by local YES coordinator

The program fee excludes

  • Airfare (roundtrip)
  • Medical checkups and vaccinations (if necessary )
  • Comprehensive travel and health insurance (requirement)
    Visa Fee
  • Food (about 1 USD/day for lunch) and other expense

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